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Concierge Dry Cleaning Service
Owned and Operated Facility in Manhattan

Dry Cleaners Battery Park City

    Servicing Battery Park City neighborhood with the best On-Demand dry cleaning and laundry service in the area.  BPC residents can now enjoy excellently priced wash & fold service in the area.  If you live in the area you now have dry cleaning and laundry service that is fairly priced and Being a Resident in lower Manhattan; I  spend an enormous amount of time in Battery Park City.  The area has changed so enormously since I worked down here in the 1990's that it is unbelievable.  U-Rang.Com had served the population before this renaissance, and the area was always lovely, but now it is a sought out destination spot even if you don't reside nearby. 

    U-Rang.Com services many of the luxury stores in the transformed Brookfield properties, as well as the growing commercial population, which has been lured from Midtown.   U-Rang provides free pick-up and deliveries both dry cleaning and wash and fold, not only to the companies themselves but also to the employees who work long hours, 
    must always look professional and who rarely have a chance to leave the building.  We pay attention to detail, as we understand the importance of being pressed correctly and having buttons properly adhered to the garment.  In the morning, there is little time to search through suits/outfits and change before running out the door.   Most residents have highly stressful jobs and a bustling, energetic family and are in need of excellent customer service and hassle free chores just to make it through each week.   U-Rang.com focuses on rectifying any problem or answering questions by personally picking up the phone and making our pick up and delivery service easy, dedicated and concerned about your issues.  We offer Green and Eco-friendly cleaning as well.  We too care about our environment and our children’s health. 

     Battery Park City is lush with green lawns, well-maintained gardens, playgrounds and a 1.2-mile esplanade along the Hudson River. There is a marina at North Cove and ball fields on West Street. Rockefeller Park houses the Children’s Garden, where local children plant vegetables, and the Lily Pond for bird watching.   This neighborhood is a must visit for all outdoor lovers and is very oriented toward growing families.   The schools in Battery Park City, which include P.S./I.S. 276, P.S 89, and P.S. 234, an elementary school with more than 700 children, achieve test scores far higher than the city average, making them highly sought by parents.   But just like any of the schools in Manhattan, additional funding is always a priority.  As the owner of U-Rang.Com, I have young children in elementary school, and I understand the need for other programs. To give back to the community we love, we want to donate 10% of our profit to the school of your choice.   We take pride in helping build the future of NYC.  
    We at U-Rang are environmentally and socially conscious.  We want to make a difference.