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Concierge Dry Cleaning Service
Owned and Operated Facility in Manhattan

Upper East Side Dry Cleaners

    The Upper East Side On-Demand Dry Cleaning and Wash & Fold service.  Providing the best Dry cleaning service on the Upper East Side   

    The Upper East Side is sleek, chic, and classic NYC.  As the height of luxurious living, the Upper East Side's immaculate brownstones are located around the corner from some of the city's finest designer boutiques. Paces away from Central Park and easily accessed by three subway lines, the Upper East Side's convenient location is home many of our residential buildings where we dry-clean and handle the care of the building management's uniforms and the residential customers that live upstairs in the building.  

    The Management companies demand that the doorman and building staff look elegant and refined as they represent the residents that live above. U-Rang picks up delivers daily at each of these buildings at the designated times.  

    The well-heeled residents of the Upper East Side take great care in their appearance, and we do too.  We understand that significant time and money is spent on looking good.   We respect our clients and therefore spend the extra time and resources necessary to deliver the best service possible.  We know you have set the bar high because we expect it too.  As the owner of U-Rang, I am personally accessible by phone to answer any of your questions or hear any of your comments or suggestions.  We believe you are the reason we have our business.