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Concierge Dry Cleaning Service
Owned and Operated Facility in Manhattan

Dry Cleaners Union Square

    Union Square On-Demand Dry Cleaning and Wash & Fold service.  Providing the best prices for laundry and Dry cleaning service in Union Square. 

    With a vibrant mix of cutting-edge businesses, diverse dining options, and brilliant entertainment, Union Square is an ideal place to live, eat, shop and visit.  With over 70,000 residents, 150,000 employees and 40,000 students it is easy to see why U-Rang.Com picks up and delivers dry cleaning and laundry to this diversified area daily. 

    U-Rang.Com is the best dry cleaning and laundry company to service this unique area.  We are a local cleaning company providing all work local and in-house.  Our store and dry cleaning plant are located only blocks away allowing us to make Union Square a focus for our business.  We take pride in making sure our neighbors receive the best service possible, and that their experience is effortless. 
    Not only is Union Square a top priority for U-Rang, and unlike our competitors, we do not need to pay a third party. We set the pricing with no markup, and every aspect of the business is controlled by us.   We believe in transparent pricing and offering good value.   We consistently improve our business.  We installed all new green and eco-friendly equipment because we care about you and the environment.