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Concierge Dry Cleaning Service
Owned and Operated Facility in Manhattan

Corporate Dry Cleaning NYC

your personal concierge

Cleaning for Your Business- Whether It is Uniforms, towels or Linens. It is specific to Each User

If you are an entity that is requiring corporate services we are here to assist you with your needs. Regardless if its dry cleaning or Laundry service, we do it all. It's like having us there every step of the way as if we were cleaning your items on your site. We review your requirements, schedule and ensure that any special cleaning instructions are observed. We will provide you with a point person for your company to make sure that there is only person handling your organization. The cleaning is top notch. Unlike most other companies that service businesses/wholesale, we have worked in corporate America, on your side of the table. We understand what is important to both a large or small organization. We are both meticulous and efficient. We have had most of our clients since we began our service, well over ten years ago.  Our service is a key feature that sets us apart. Having worked with the "C-Suite," we know what their standards are.  Often decisions can be made last minute, or there may be an emergency. We make it our business to service you in all situations.  Our mantra is Customer First.  Unlike many of out competitors, our work is done onsite in Manhattan, in the Gramercy area, so our turnaround is time is quick. 

We handle a diverse range of companies. Yearly we handle large sporting events with an enormous laundry load twice a day.  Our performance affects the most significant segment of the games, the players.  Daily counts are kept on our web-based software, and all billing is completed in an easy to read spreadsheet.  At the end of each day all are happy, CEO, the player, the manager, the security staff and of course the CFO. Excellent service with reasonable prices. 

Our high-end luxury brands and our retail stores, with uniforms that represent their brands, are scheduled weekly, sometimes more depending on the store or brand.   Our service is consistent; there is no need to follow up, we follow your plan and even adjust for the holiday season.  We pay attention to detail, reattaching buttons, fixing loose seams as the clothing must look good to make you look good. The sales people wearing your clothing represent the company. 

We handle gyms, spas and childcare facilities on a regular basis.  The garments laundered are usually highly soiled and in need of diligent stain removal.  Extra care is taken when washing these items. 

We service the many residential real estate companies that manage buildings all over Manhattan.  An appropriate schedule is set up with each building, and usually, it varies depending upon the season.  Most of these uniforms are worn regularly, and special care is used to help promote the longevity of the uniform. It is important that the staff of the building promotes the correct image as the apartment or offices above which are quite expensive and the customer's  standards are very high.