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Concierge Dry Cleaning Service
Owned and Operated Facility in Manhattan

On-Demand Dry Cleaning NYC

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Organic Cleaning, Dry Cleaning & Environmentally Green/ Wet Cleaning. We do it all !

Not all Dry Cleaners are the same. We believe that the cleaning process is a three-step process: Pre-Care, The Cleaning and Post-Care. We begin with the garment pre-care. The first thing we do is review your garments, we process and check all your items to see if they need tailoring (buttons tightened, loose cuffs, ripped liners). We then scour the garment for staining and spotting (most stains/spots need to be addressed with special cleaning solutions applied prior to the dry cleaning process}. The dry cleaning process utilizes special cleaning solutions that contain no water. Your clothes are immersed in a liquid solution that contains additives, soil suspenders, optical brighteners and other supplements. Afterwards, is the Post-Care, we review all your garments and make any last minute adjustments with a careful care to the details. Providing On-Demand dry cleaning service with a touch of a button, we are local and are one of the few local dry cleaners in New York City that does all work in-house.  Call us to schedule a free pickup or download the app and schedule with a click of a button.