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Concierge Dry Cleaning Service
Owned and Operated Facility in Manhattan
your personal concierge

Providing tailoring service with your dry cleaning and Laundry

On-demand dry cleaning service at our Gramcery location we have an in-house tailor.  so if you scheduled dry cleanign on our app or through the web, and your garments require tailoring we are able to meet that request.  Also if you laudnered your shirts and the buttons need to be tightened up our pre and post inspecition of the garments will ensure that we saw or tighten the buttons ont the shirt or blouse.  if your pants require a quick and easy fix or a complicated job we can handle it.  We have an onsite tailor that handles A to Zippers. Our tailor handles everything onsite for our local Gramercy customers. What does that mean? Anything you need just call us or email us with special instructions our tailor will review your needs and repair as required. Whether it's a hem, a tear/rip, liner or zipper repair, Our tailor Ignacio will take care of it. He has 30 years experience; He is a real artist.