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On-Demand Organic Cleaning, Providing Wet Cleaning service chemical free laundry and cleaning service.

U-Rang.com provides organic and environmentally friendly cleaning.  We are a local company in Gramercy doing all work in-house using green products and machines.  Wet cleaning is professional fabric care using water and special non-toxic soaps. Wet cleaning will use water, biodegradable soap, steam, and computer-controlled washing machines as an environmentally friendly alternative to dry cleaning. It is the elimination of using dry cleaning chemical solvents, but the cleaning technique can be more labor-intensive.  Many soils are easily removed with water but need to scrubbed properly.  Wet-cleaned garments tend to have a pleasant smell, compared to dry cleaning. Organic or Environmentally friendly cleaning, as it is often called,  can help to keep the white garments whiter. Sometimes the white can be dulled when cleaned with recycled PERC or other dry cleaning solvents. Nearly all garments labeled "Dry Clean Only" can be wet cleaned.  Wet-cleaning is environmentally friendly and has no potential impact on the health of the industry workers.

As more high -end designers are gearing away from the use of dry cleaning solvents (designers are becoming more environmentally friendly), there will be more garments with the labeling of ‘do not dry clean’; these luxurious clothes (and delicate fabrics) should be professionally wet-cleaned only.